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Orders made in the weekend will be shipped on Mondays from the magazine. Orders with a delivery address in The Netherlands will be delivered within 2-5 business days (if in stock) by PostNL parcel service.

The order will be delivered at your house. When you’re not at home PostNL will try to make the delivery again the next day (including Saturdays). After the second attempt the parcel will be issued to a PostNL postal office or a service point near you, where you may then collect your parcel. You have up to 3 weeks’ time to collect your order.

When you aren’t at home during the day you may also choose to have the parcel delivered on a different address, for example the neighbours or your office address. You can enter this deviating shipping address during the order procedure.

Please note; a delivery to a PO box is not possible.
Track & Trace
PostNLWhen NickJean ships your order they will notify you by e-mail.You can find the Track & Trace number of PostNL in this e-mail. When you go to the Track & Trace service on the website of PostNL you can follow your parcel by entering the Track&Trace number. The number starts with '2S'of '3S' or followed by a combination of numbers and letters.

Please note: shipments in foreign countries can’t always be followed by Track & Trace. You’ll still receive confirmation that the shipment has been made but will be asked by us to check if your parcel is delivered within 5 working days. 

Should the parcel – despite confirmation of shipment – not be delivered (correctly), we would like to hear from you as soon as possible. You may get in touch with customer service by the using the contact form or dialing +31 (0)35 767 6644.